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off-topic post.
iam_mod wrote in incptionartmeme


anything goes.

what to do:
discuss anything in the comments, and keep off-topic posts out of the prompt post.

Also, the meme doesn't seem to be very active. Remember: it will only be as active as the members make it. Feel free to advertise and tell all your friends, or direct artists/inception_kink art fills to this meme!

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first. chyea.
i really gotta draw some stuff for this meme.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Opinion question guys!

probably the more specific ones, but idk. i don't think i've found any i felt like drawing yet :(

is this meme dead?

i hope not. poast moar!

Anyone willing to draw this for me?

I was reading this fic here and I got the most hilarious mental picture, and so I was wondering if anyone would like to draw it for me?
http://canyousayhot.livejournal.com/4768.html?view=98720#t98720 (sorry, I'm new here and still don't know how to do LJ cuts)
You'll need to read this first, but it would just be a cartoony drawing of Arthur trying to restrain Ariadne from killing Eames.

Re: Anyone willing to draw this for me?

You should post this as a prompt in the prompt post, located here: http://community.livejournal.com/incptionartmeme/898.html

SO is anyone working on prompts right now?

Working on two at the moment, but I have five exams in two and a half weeks so it'll be a while 8(

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list your favorite characters in inception from favorite to least favorite.



that being said i don't dislike anyone.

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so guys i just want to say
if you see art that fulfills a prompt, you shouldn't be afraid to link to it.. because i just did that for a prompt on pg 2: falling asleep on a plane. there is some FANTASTIC work out there and it doesn't break the rules.

is anyone else going to fill out the friending meme? D: i am so shy.

You're waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don't know for sure. But it doesn't matter...

Now tell me, why doesn't it matter to you?

(Example: It doesn't matter to me because no matter where that train take me, it'll be far enough from the town I live in.) XD

because we'll be together.
me and my lover <3

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101 promps so far, guys! Hells yeah.

and 300 comments. :)

jw, does anyone have tumblr or any good tumblr recs? like good blogs to follow?

here's a little something that might help (:
From there you can find other awesome inception-loving people on tumblr :D

i have tumblr too but mine's not anything special lol

*pokes meme*

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