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incptionartmeme's Journal

the Inception Fanart Meme
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Welcome to the Inception fanart meme.

list of other Inception communities

1. Prompts and fills can be anonymous, but don't have to be.
2. Please no bashing anyone's requests or fills.
3. If your work contains ADULT CONTENT (ie, rated R+), please warn for it and place it behind a link instead of directly linking the image.
4. Please don't post images that are too large (over 600x600). Place a link instead.
5. Linking to your deviantart/livejournal post is fine.
6. If you have any questions, take it to the FAQ post.
7. Fanart covers: All kinds of drawings, videos, photomanipulations, etc. If you want to post fic, please post it at inception_kink or one of the other communities dedicated to it.
8. Crossovers/AU’s etc are welcome as long as they contain one character from Inception.
9. If you know of art in other places that fills the prompt, please link!
10. Multiple responses to one prompt are welcomed and encouraged.
11. Have fun!